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News & Events

University of Hertfordshire Campus

Throwback to last summer when the temperature was in the mid 30's and we spent the week cleaning every outside window at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. The project saw the whole team mobilized the window cleaners and the high access team working hand in hand to clean over 3500 windows.

21 Years with

2020 marks the 21st anniversary of Compass 24 being on Having always been a champion of the Yellow book, Lyndon was persuaded in 1999 to try this new internet based service. After a slow start things soon picked up and today Compass 24 are one of the top ranked Window and Guttering cleaning companies on the site.

Blast From The Past

Rolling back the clock 16 years to 2004 and the introduction of our first pure water pole system for window cleaning.

With the new HSE "Working At Height" regulations being brought in 2005, Lyndon felt it was time to say goodbye to those rickety old ladders and embrace this new window cleaning technology.

window cleaning spillers mill CB1 cambridge station

Spillers Mill, Cambridge

Lyndon and Paul have just recently finished cleaning this beautiful building near Cambridge Railway Station, Spillers Mill was originally built in the late 19th century as a flour mill (then known as Foster's Mill) was in use right up until the late 1990's.

Now after standing empty for nearly 20yrs it's been repurposed into 19 stylish apartments ready for modern city life.

A Call For Help - Clean Fascias

A call for help came in to the office last week, A client was getting an unexpected visit from their company president the very next day and could we help make there dirty building look like new? Luckily Phil had taken the call and specializes in making the impossible happen. within 2 hours he was on site with 3 other cleaners turning the dirty grey build back to white.

A Call From Above - High level cleaning

Over the years we have been lucky enough to clean some fantastic and historic buildings, but when the call comes in to do a high level clean in a recently refurbish church we jumped at it. The opportunity gave us the chance to debut our new Internal sky vac system with 35ft pole and allowed us to get in to places that possibly had not been cleaned for Centuries.

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